Sunday, 28 June 2020

Marine Engine pistons

1. Detonation is another big cause of failure of piston rings . Detonation produces high gas loads and localized high temperatures leading to broken rings. The sudden increase in pressure can really hammer the pistons and rings causing them to break.
2. If the old piston is reused with new rings sometime the new rings will break dispute the axial and radial clearances are within limits because of the liner bore exceeding the allowable taper limit .
3. Damaged cooling fan
4. Blocked diesel injectors . Leaking or clogged fuel injectors when struggle to release fuel the engine will try to overcompensate causing overheating in the engine.
5. Breakage to cylinder liners. Cylinder liners may crack because of poor cooling, improper fit of pistons, incorrect installation. May be due to hot spots causing thermal stress.
6. The above are possibilities.

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