Friday, 25 January 2019


Toilet for every home and public toilets in every village and city was the basic of swatch Bharat Mission. About 40 Lakh individual and 3 lakh public toilets have been built as read in the news paper.

An article by Economic Times says There is, however, no way to gauge how effective the toilet construction exercise has been in bringing about behavioural change. A recent ‘Halla bol, lungi khol’ exercise by Ranchi municipal corporation to shame people defecating in the open, found that many people caught by them had toilets at home.

Some people stick to the same habit with no intention to change.
Every one speaks of Hygiene but many ignore. While traveling in train I saw many people visiting the toilets wearing the Footware. The same footware they keep underneath their pillows and sleep. Further with the same hand which picked the footware they eat food. Is this Hygiene?
Also it is seen while waiting for the train some mothers leave their babies on the dirty floor to play.
It is high time that the government health departments take initiative to conduct classes on hygiene in every panchayat area wise.

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