Friday, 25 January 2019


  Culture is Quality of a person which depends how he was brought up in his family, in his community and in his country. His parents and family are the one who molds him first. His attitude, character , conducts, courage inherent in him are result of how his parents developed the same in him. In the case of refined souls there are exceptions,they are born with all good qualities like in the case of Prahlada son of Hiranyakasapu, Vibhishana brother of Ravana.
Society in which one lives has greater role to make one good or bad. Governments can’t escape from their responsibility. Many countries like in UAE &USA the Police force is highly efficient at the same time well cultured in dealing with people and to enforce law and order. In some countries behavior of police is very bad and are ill cultured. One doctor of Amrita in Kochi told me that his car broke down in the traffic and he was abused by a police constable on duty using vulgar words.

In USA and UAE police arrive on the spot and would help the person to move the car to side . Call recovery and send the car to garage. They also would pick the passengers of the car to a safe place or taxi or bus stand or even to their home .
Why this culture difference ? Is it how police force are “cultured” in countries like ours? . In many criminal cases evidences are not looked for but created . Even our courts look for evidences “only “ do not examine the source of the evidences.
Money is the key element if one wants to get things done from government offices.
Criminals are ruling the political world. Buffoons are occupying ministerial chairs.
Political world has been almost turned into underworld . Dacoity and murders initiated by the political world is seen everyday.
During elections people are addressed as kings and after that as donkeys !

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