Friday, 25 January 2019


The word communism said to have been emerged from French “communisme”and English “ common” sometime in the mid 19th century.

Modern form of communism was based on Marxism, an ideology of Karl Marx. Marxist theory was aimed to bring social revolution through peaceful transition or force of arms .
The places fertile for this were mainly

Industrial and underdeveloped countries. Many of the countries in the world embraced this ideology.

In course of time many changes in the ideology were made by the people in power to suit their style and context.
With the dissolution Of Soviet Union in 1991 a large number of communist countries altogether rejected the communist ideology. Only Cuba, Vietnam and Laos remained as communist by 21st century. In China Marxism and Maoism came to end by embracing a mixed economy type .

Reportedly during the period between 1917 to 2017 (Bolshevik revolution) so called self styled communist governments had claimed about 68 millions life through starvation, extrajudicial killings , forced labor camps.
Communist Party of India ( Marxist) emerged in1964 from the split from CPI . It is reported by Indian media that the party may loose national party status in aftermath of parties poor show in the West Bengal election. In India there are communists who believe in different ideologies like Marxism, Maoism , Naxalism & socialism.
However the next election going to be a challenge for all especially to CPI(M) in Kerala in the aftermath of governments poor support to the flood affected commun

ity and present Sabarimala issues..

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